Lachlan Walsh

Lachlan Walsh’s beginning in jewellery creation began in 1996 while working weekends in the family jewellery business. Collecting small scraps of silver from the broken and worn out pieces that had found their way into the scrap pile, Lachlan would melt up the scraps and through trial and error would start to create small pieces of jewellery.
Lachlan spent his youth surrounded by a vast variety of beautiful jewellery, collections from his family’s passion and history in jewellery. 
“Both my Grandmothers and my mothers collections of jewellery were both staggering and beautiful. The pieces that they had collected over many years were incredible. I would spend hours going through every box and admiring the intricate work and history that went into every piece. I think it was the quality and intricacy of these pieces that has lead to my love of detailed jewellery ” 
Whilst influenced by many aspects of design, Lachlan prefers not to be stylistically labelled as he enjoys the challenge of adapting his skills to perfectly meet the requirements of each individual client.
Lachlan possesses an instinctive ability to be able to impart his own unique artistic vision and vast experience to every job without compromising the integrity of the original brief and desire of the client. It is through this process of ongoing consultation and creative development that Lachlan is able to constantly exceed his clients expectations and produce work that is superior in all aspects.
Using only the finest materials, the quality of Lachlan’s hand made work is immediately recognisable.
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